The story of how you got engaged will be something you retell over and over again so how do you make sure it’s one to remember?

With Valentines day being one of the most popular dates to ask that all important question I’ve compiled a list of 7 of my favourite proposal ideas to set you apart from the crowd.

The Drone proposal

If you love your tech why not attach (securely!) the engagement ring to your quadcopter and have it flown down to you whilst out on a walk with your partner. Appear to be as surprised by the drone as she is until it gets within reaching distance when you can remove the ring and pop the question.

Treasure hunt

If you love the outdoors why not create a treasure hunt around one of your favourite locations. You could openly plan this with your partner as a fun activity with a load of friends but at the end of the trail surprise them with your proposal.



The pet proposal

If you already live together and have a beloved cat or dog get home early, pop some champagne in the fridge and prepare a beautiful meal (or have the number of your favourite take away ready to dial!) put the ring on your pets collar and have them greet your partner as they walk in the door. As soon as they spot the ring propose and celebrate your engagement with a chilled glass of champagne and a great meal.

The puzzle proposal

The puzzle proposal is definitely one of my favourites. Embrace your inner geek and plan an afternoon to just relax at home and suggest playing a puzzle. Bring out a personalised puzzle that when completed reads ‘Will you Marry me?’. The concept works really well with scrabble too!

Say it with cake

If your partner has a sweet tooth how about ordering a batch of cupcakes spelling out Will You Marry Me? in frosting and have them waiting for her when she gets home from work.


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The fake photoshoot

tell your partner you’ve won a romantic couple’s photo shoot. What you’ve really done is hired a photographer to take photos of you in one of your favourite locations to capture your proposal. Get dressed up and then propose mid-shoot. You could then have a romantic engagement photo shoot to celebrate.

The Valentines proposal

On the days leading up to February 14, plant post it notes or Valentines cards with sweet messages written on them around the house. Then on Valentine’s Day, present them with a box of chocolates containing, you guessed it, the ring.


If you want help to create an unforgettable proposal get in touch and ask about our bespoke engagement services.

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