Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Top Tips On What To Do Next

Congratulation on your engagement! Getting engaged is so super exciting that you should really allow yourself to revel in the moment for as long as possible. Don’t be afraid to think big, bold and fabulous, you wedding day is a momentous event so have some fun planning it!


Here are a few top tips to get you started.


Don’t rush into setting a date before you know what you really want from your wedding and remember that venues can be more expensive during peak wedding season which is roughly May until the end of September.


Learn to prioritise. Giving yourself some dream time will allow you to think clearly about what you really want. If you love good food and wine invest in a great caterer and arrange a wine tasting. Flowers important to you? Find a florist that shares your passion and can create stunning designs. Not too bothered about having a grand wedding cake? That’s ok! Use the money you’ve saved on having a big cake on something that is more important to you. It’s your wedding and you can have it the way you want it.



Imagery by Dan Watkiss


If you’re using a wedding planner they will ensure that you have the very best wedding and will help you by creating mood boards and recommending the best possible suppliers. If you go it alone take time to really research your options and make sure your venue and suppliers fully understand your wedding day vision.


Have fun and enjoy! I cannot stress this one enough. So many couples hire me half way through the planning process because the planning has just become too stressful and time consuming for them to manage on top of busy careers and social lives. Planning your special day should be enjoyable and exciting. If it’s becoming a chore and taking up too much of your time get in touch to see if I can help and ease the strain a little.




Congratulations again on your engagement and I wish you the most wonderful wedding day.

Heather x


P.S. Did you know that hiring a wedding planner before you book anything else can actually SAVE you money? Yes really 🙂

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