Five Unique Wedding Gift List Ideas

With many couples now getting married later in life after already having built their lives and homes together, the traditional wedding gift list is becoming a thing of the past.  Online gift lists are becoming more and more popular as couples now have the opportunity to receive gifts that they actually want instead of five toasters, three food blenders and some expensive silverware!


The times have changed.  So we can now say goodbye to unwanted gifts and hello to exciting and hassle free online registries! With the help of Orlagh at Zankyou, who specialise in helping couples organise all the aspects of their wedding day in one place, we looked at how an online cash wedding list can make the whole process of gift-giving so much simpler with some ideas for your modern and unique wedding list.




Fund your dream honeymoon

Why don’t you ask your guests to make a contribution towards that romantic getaway that you’ve always dreamed of? You can list different stages of your honeymoon in your gift list which allows your guests to see exactly what they are contributing towards. Whether it be a romantic meal in a Michelin starred restaurant, snorkelingin the Great Barrier Reef, or a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon, the list of possibilities is endless. Let your guests help make your dream a reality. The world is your oyster!


Make some home improvements

Let´s face it, there is always something that is not quite right in your house but you never get round to actually doing something about it. Maybe the kitchen needs a bit of updating, you would like a nice patio the back garden, or just a lick of paint here and there. Cash contributions from your guests will allow you to finally get round to making all the home improvements you’ve always wanted.





Get closer to buying your dream car

Imagine your wedding day, being showered with rice and confetti and then driving off into the sunset in the car of your dreams funded by your friends and family. Taking advantage of crowdfunding as opposed to physical items, like many traditional gift lists, makes this so easy to do. The perfect way to tell the world that you’re just married!



charity jar full of coins

Make a donation to charity

Although it´s fun adding gifts to your list, it can be easy to get carried away and start listing things that you don’t really need. Instead, many couples choose to ask their guests to make a donation to a favourite charity. This works especially well with a charity that is close to your heart and means something to your friends and family as well as yourself.





Start saving for the future

You and your partner may be looking more towards the future in a general sense rather than having specific gifts in mind. Asking your guests for a contribution to your future together is perfectly acceptable. Whether it be towards a retirement plan or higher education for your children. Your guests will be glad to know that their contributions will relieve some of that financial burden and make your life that little bit easier in the future.


So why not create your free wedding website and online gift list at Zankyou today? You can include all of these gifts and many more. The sky is your limit!


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