I’m a naked Angel and proud!

Most couples will want to offer their guests wine with their meal whether it be silver service or an informal buffet and an increasing number of venues will allow you to supply your own.


Depending on the corkage charge this can not only amount to a financial saving but it gives you the opportunity to choose the wine you really want and not be limited to the venues offering.


So what’s the best way to choose your wine? In my opinion wine clubs are a great place to start and I am very proud to be a naked Angel. Naked Wines is a great wine club that allows you to buy fabulous quality wine at very reasonable prices. Remember that you’d expect to provide about half a bottle per guest for the wedding breakfast, plus arrival drinks and champagne or equivalent for the toasts.


I’m in no way linked to naked wines other than I drink them, but when I know something is good it’s only right to share the love!


Happy quaffing!


Heather Angell Your Planning Angel

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