Is It Still A Man’s Job To Propose?

As a wedding planner I absolutely love hearing your proposal stories and with 2016 being a leap year it made me wonder how many of you would be proposing this February.


Women proposing on a leap year dates back hundreds of years and the origin of the tradition varies depending on what report you read but, I think it’s safe to say, we no longer need ‘permission’ to ask for our man’s hand in Marriage. However, isn’t it still a man’s job to pop the big question?


According to the 2015 Marriage Proposal Survey only 21% of 1000 women said that they would propose to their man. In the same survey 65% of men said that they would say no if their girlfriend proposed.


So do you ask him or wait to be asked? Only you know if your relationship is ready for that next step and if you’ve discussed marriage but you’re still waiting for that gorgeous ring to be placed on your finger then why not go for it!


Heather x

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