Is Your Wedding Planner Being Completely Honest?

You may think this is a strange question for me to pose in one of my blogs but it is something I feel incredibly passionate about. Can you trust your Wedding Planner? In the UK hiring a wedding planner is becoming increasingly popular but as an unregulated industry how can you tell if you’re getting the best service for your money?


Preston Bailey, a world-renowned event planner, posted a recent blog on wedding planners charging commission without telling the Bride and Groom. You can read his blog here. This practice results in suppliers increasing their fees to cover the costs which means YOU end up paying more for your big day. How is that fair?


As a UKAWP member I never take commission from venues and would never dream of asking a supplier to give me a ‘kick-back’ for referring them to a client. I value the skills, time and professionalism of the suppliers I work with and would only ever refer them if I knew they would provide an outstanding service to my client. Not because they are paying me.


If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner to help you with any aspect of planning your wedding here are three tips to be sure you’re getting a professional who cares about your big day.


1 Check to see if they are part of an alliance or members group such as UKAWP who vett them and have a strong code of conduct that must be adhered to.


2 Make sure that they are insured. A Wedding Planner should hold Public Liability insurance as a minimum but ideally they should also have professional indemnity insurance.


3 Meet more than one! As with all suppliers, Wedding Planners are all different and will offer different services at different prices. This is someone you will be working with very closely so you really need to get on and you need to feel comfortable with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for client testimonials and don’t feel rushed into making a decision.


As a wedding planner I am very passionate about my business and always want nothing but the very best for my couples. By hiring me at the beginning of the planning process I can often SAVE you money by negotiating with venues and suppliers on your behalf as well as avoiding costly mistakes which often happen at the beginning.


If you would like to find out more please get in touch or visit my website I create beautiful bespoke weddings throughout Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and beyond. Images courtesy of Joseph Dart Weddings 


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