Why Hire a Professional Photographer

When planning a wedding the list of suppliers can become rather extensive and when putting together your big day on a smaller budget it can be tempting to cut out a few of the bigger costs.


In a time where everyone has high quality cameras on their phones do you really need a photographer? Joseph Dart explains. ‘Photography is an art which takes years to master. Camera phones are capable of producing great “snapshots”, but without the knowledge and skills of a professional photographer the images will only ever be sub standard. For example, if you compare guest photos to a professional photographer’s wedding album there would be no hesitation to book a wedding photographer.’


Your Wedding day will happen only once so it’s important to capture those special moments. The styles and prices of photographers are many and varied so there will be plenty to choose from. Be honest with your photographer about your budget and expectations from the start.


Remember that although you may have a friend or relative that is happy to take some photos with their ‘professional’ camera, will they have the time and skill to edit them? An enormous amount of time and effort is put into editing the hundreds of shots taken on the day before they are presented to you by your photographer.


If you want some help finding the perfect wedding photographer get in touch.


Joseph Dart is a professional Wedding Photographer based in Wiltshire www.JosephDartWeddings.co.uk

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